Best value South East Asia travel destinations revealed

So, you’ve got yourself a premium travel credit card, you’ve paid off your full balance every month, and you’ve found yourself with enough reward points to give yourself a decent break away from it all.

Standard Chartered ATM Update

Enjoy peace of mind with the new ATM chip card that makes your transactions more secure. All magnetic stripe ATM cards will be deactivated on 11 Dec 2014, so activate and start using your ATM chip card today

Where are you going for your end of year holiday?

It’s that time of the year as everybody is seemingly making plans to spend Christmas and the New Year somewhere else.

Singapore’s escalating debts

Singapore household debt-to-income ratio has also edged up from 1.9 times in 2008 to 2.3 times in 2013.

Maybank to offer better customer bundles

There’s a new buzzword in town, and it’s “customer bundles” with Maybank in Singapore

Coin is ready to Start Shipping

Universal credit card Coin is ready to start shipping to a select few beta customers in the USA, but the company is yet to confirm or release a statement about the card launch or when it will hit international customers.

Getting cash with your card just got easier

Credit cards have always been a convenient way to handle your money. I’ve held various cards since the mid-1980s and have always found them quick, simple and a superb way to handle my budget.

Singapore credit card debt stabilises, says counselling group

We’ve said on many occasions how the higher level of regulation in Singapore helps keep our relatively vibrant economy on an even keel.

Gold dispensing ATM in Singapore

You know how it goes. You’re out and about in Singapore, you’re patting your pockets, turning out your wallet and checking the ash tray of your car. There’s never a gold ingot around when you need one.

Are you credit worthy?

Maintain your credit rating and keep in the good books with Singapore banks, with a few easy tips from Enjoy Compare

CIMB ups its game with new credit card

You probably couldn’t help but notice advertisements all over Singapore public transport

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