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The All New HSBC Advance Credit Card

HSBC have just relaunched the HSBC Advance Credit Card with several benefits and fabulous offers. The key feature of the card is that you can get 2.5% cash back on a monthly spend of over $2000 with a 1 year fee waiver, and you no longer need to be an HSBC Advance customer.

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Finding the best Money Transfer Provider

Find and compare the best Money Transfer services in Singapore and start saving when you send money abroad, so make an informed money transfer comparison

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Do You Need A Money Transfer Service?

Transfer money abroad with the best rate, with no hidden charges. Compare and review the best money transfer deals in Singapore and make an informed choice today.

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Don’t Use A Bank To Transfer Money Overseas

Compare and review the best money transfer services and don’t be fooled into using your standard banking services.

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Credit Card Appeal

The Best Looking Credit Cards In Singapore

We know you shouldn’t pick a credit card based on looks, but its nice to know which credit cards have a nice face, isn’t it?

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Best Online Purchase Card

Best Credit Cards For Online Purchases

Compare and find the best online shopping credit card in Singapore, with our shortlisted best online purchase cards, so compare and apply today and start saving with these great online shopping cards.

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Cheap Broadband

Cheapest Broadband Plans In Singapore

Compare and find the cheapest broadband deals in Singapore with M1, Starhub, Viewqwest and MyRepublic offering exclusive deals and cheap broadband deals, so apply and compare today.

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Best Savings Accounts in Singapore

What To Consider When Choosing A Savings Account

Are you still using that same savings account you’ve had since your parents helped you open one since you were a child? Now that you are an adult and earning your own keep, perhaps it’s time to take another look.

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Best Credit Cards For The Health-Conscious

You may find plenty of credit cards in the market that give you discounts for food and dining, but for free access to yoga studios or gym memberships? It’s a little hard to find, but we’ve found ways for you to maximise your health benefits with these 3 featured credit cards.

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What Credit Card Pain Points Do Singaporeans face?

Its important to look out for the most common credit card pain points in Singapore, to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. So enjoy these top tips and make an informed comparison.

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Singapore CBD Saving Tips

Money Saving Advice For Those Working In The CBD

Does working in the Central Business District mean you need to spend more? Yes, the daily amount you spend at work can be about 20-50% less than compared to working in the CBD. This amount can come up to an extra few hundred dollars a month.

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Best Golf Credit Cards

Best Golf Credit Cards in Singapore

If you like to play golf, getting a credit card with golf privileges can be a great way to make use of discounts, as well as giving you access to clubs that may otherwise require expensive memberships fees.

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