Use your credit card to get a flight upgrade

Enjoy Compare is much more than a credit card comparison site these days. We’re here to offer you good advice on credit cards, loans, insurance and travel. And we love it when these worlds collide, because that means getting and even better deal. That’s why we were intrigued by a piece of advice that appeared […]

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Ascend AMEX Credit Card

Be a high flyer with the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Ascend AMEX Credit Card

Good debt VS bad debt – Is there a difference?

What is good debt VS bad debt and is there a difference?

The Best Travel Credit Cards in Singapore

Looking for the Best Travel Credit Cards in Singapore, then look no further!

Maximising your credit card benefits

We keep saying this at Enjoy Compare: Singapore residents are blessed with some of the best credit card offers in the world

Great Singapore Sale boosts credit card spending

The Great Singapore Sale has been and gone for another year, and we’ll admit that it wasn’t one of the greatest

Consumer loans in Singapore

Confidence is returning to the banking sector after years of global stagnation and doubt

Maybank fights for your (and your family’s) dollars

Approximately 90% of all bank customers are still with the same financial institution that they were with when they first opened their bank account.

Singapore to regulate credit bureaux – what does it mean to you?

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has announced a new crackdown on credit agencies in Singapore

Travel: The Singapore traveller’s checklist

So, if you’re a first time traveller, what should you know? What should you do And most importantly – what do you need to do to?

How to get out of debt

The truth is, debt in Singapore isn’t really as bad as the rest of the world.

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