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Caltex Petrol Promotion

Amazing Petrol Promotion from Caltex and Standard Chartered!

Standard Chartered has teamed up with Caltex to bring you a fantastic Petrol promotion, with the Standard Chartered MANHATTAN World MasterCard® Credit Card and SingPost Platinum Visa Credit Card.

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Optimise your card spending

Optimise Your Credit Card Usage With These Features

Optimise Your Credit Card Usage With These Features When Singaporeans sign up for a credit card, most of them have a specific reason in mind – perhaps it was the attractive sign-up gifts and offer, or you really wanted an air-miles card to help you redeem air tickets while you spend. Whatever it is, we […]

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Voucher Sites

Do Voucher or Coupon Sites Work?

Do Voucher or Coupon Sites Work? Voucher and coupon sites aim to help you save on online shopping, by providing attractive discounts, deals or cashback rewards. However, there are many sites which don’t work, or are actually phishing scams. So, which voucher or coupon sites are both effective and legitimate? The following five voucher sites […]

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Personal Loan Scam

5 Personal Loan Scams You Should Look Out For

Five Personal Loan Scams Many people find themselves needing loans at some point in their lives, but poor credit scores may stop them from securing the loans they need. This can make you less cautious and more vulnerable to personal loan scams. Here are a few types of common personal loan scams you should look out […]

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Online grocery shopping

Online Grocery Shopping – Do They Save Time or Money?

Do You Save with Online Grocery Shopping Online grocery shopping is advertised to be fast, convenient and sometimes even money-saving, which sounds like a life-saver to busy Singaporeans who can’t seem to find the time and energy for grocery shopping. However, do grocery shopping sites actually live up to these claims? We evaluate four of […]

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Annual Card Fees

When And Why You Should Your Pay For Your Credit Card’s Annual Fee

Should You Pay For Your Credit Card’s Annual Fee Most credit card holders in Singapore would know the open-secret that if you spend a minimum sum on your credit cards every year, you will be able to bargain with the bank for a fee waiver. Banks like UOB even set up an automated phone banking […]

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Start saving with Wholesale Food Discounts

5 Wholesalers You Should Visit to Cut Down Your Monthly Grocery Budget

Wholesalers That Will Cut Your Grocery Budget Shopping for groceries can be costly, especially if you’re shopping for a big family. Every week’s expenditure on groceries can rack up to quite a substantial amount at the end of the month. However, visiting wholesalers instead of the supermarkets can bring you significant savings and reduce your […]

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Best Mobile food Applications

5 Mobile Apps Every Foodie in Singapore Would Love

5 Mobile Apps Every Foodie in Singapore Would Love With the rapidly expanding variety of cuisines and restaurants available in Singapore, dining out has become a more time-consuming and complicated affair. Smartphone applications make it so much simpler, and can even help you get discounts, place reservations and discover new dining spots you never knew […]

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Family Credit Card Perks and Promotions

4 Smart Ways To Make Use Of Your Credit Card Perks For The Whole Family

How To Use Your Card Perks For The Whole Family Are you a rebates warrior when it comes to your credit card? Cashback cards are widely popular among Singaporeans, and a great way to earn rebates is to put all the expenditures of your family on one card! While some people may like to have multiple […]

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Mooncake festival promotions

Your Guide to The Best Mooncake(And Discounts) This Year

Your Guide to The Best Mooncake(And Discounts) This Year Every year between the months of August and September, Singaporeans are sent into a frenzy looking for the latest ‘hype’ in mooncakes to buy and share with their families and friends. Hotels and patisseries are also getting more and more creative each year, coming up with […]

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Travel deals and travel deals

Cheap Travel Deals in Singapore Made Easy with these 3 Ways

Cheap Travel Deals in Singapore Made Easy Finding cheap travel deals in Singapore isn’t as hard as you might think. There are many outlets to search for attractive deals. The flight ticket, especially, can be the most substantial part of your travel expenses, making it important for you to find inexpensive flight deals. Affordable travel […]

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Investment Property

Choosing The Right Investment Property To Purchase

When it comes to buying am investment property, there is a difference between buying a property for your own occupation compared to buying an investment property.

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