Tips for Finding the Right Home Loan

With so many home loan options, it can be hard to narrow it down to just one. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a home loan lender.
Have you ever researched the types of home loans available? Let’s just say it becomes a dizzying mess of titles and numbers after a short while. But finding the home loan that is right for you doesn’t have to be a headache. Instead, we’ve made it easy by breaking
Buying a property while you are overseas can be tricky, you need to understand local property laws and figure out the tax implications. So here’s a list of factors you should consider before making the move.
Half of the top 10 richest people in Singapore are heavily vested in the property market. In land-scarce Singapore and expensive property prices, many dream of having the pockets to invest in this evergreen investment. However, with public housing reaching over $1 million dollars, investing in this market is
When buying a property either for investing or staying, there are a number of key factors that can affect the value of your property in the long run. This is especially important in Singapore where land is scarce and property prices can increase exponentially over the years. So other
How to get the best Home Loan Ever wondered why your friend has got a better home loan rate even though both of you took it from the same bank? Well, this is simply because there are just too many home loan products in Singapore that are available with
  Avoid These 5 Expensive Home Loan Mistakes! A home loan is perhaps one of your biggest financial commitments; you’re going to be in debt for over 20 years! On the brighter side, owning a home can be one of your biggest achievements and satisfaction in life as well
When it comes to buying am investment property, there is a difference between buying a property for your own occupation compared to buying an investment property.
The Hidden Costs of Home Ownership Looking to invest in a new property now that the real estate market is declining? While it can be a good time to look at buying a new home, it’s crucial that you’ve got all that fits to ensure that you can pay
Negative Interest Rates and How It Can Affect You Negative interest rates have come into the spotlight recently as the Bank of Japan rattled global markets by adopting negative rates in early 2016, more than 18 months after the European Central Bank became the first major financial institution to venture into sub-zero territory. Beyond
What to Do When You Can’t Afford your Mortgage With interest rates increasing and an uncertain economy and jobs outlook, paying a hefty mortgage can take its toll on our finances. While the idea of home-ownership is deeply ingrained in our psyche, paying thousands of dollars for our home
Great Home Loan Discounts…Or Is It? With the backdrop of a declining property market, property developers are trying their best to lure potential property buyers with discounts and perks, and banks are doing the same with home loan discounts as well. One of the recent home loan discounts rolled
Paying For Your First Home It is many Singaporean’s aspirations to own a home in Singapore, and looking at the home-ownership statistics, the country’s government has done well to fulfil a large part of this dream. However, as home prices climbed dramatically in the last few years, it has
      Refinancing Your Home Loans in 2016 In January this year. The SIBOR and SOR rates hit their highest in seven years. The rates are used commonly to price mortgage rates in Singapore. Spiking rates generally spell trouble for home loan borrowers, as they may find their
5 Money Saving Tips For Home Renovations With property cost so high in Singapore, many buyers are often more concerned with their mortgage loans than renovation costs. However, renovation is often an essential part of making your new property a home to you, and home-owners may not take into
An Essential Guide To Singapore’s CPF Housing Grants  Property prices in Singapore have been steadily declining and if analysts are right, it’s going to be a long way down. Oversupply of properties, cooling measures such as the Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) framework and the Additional Buyers Stamp Duty
Understanding Singapore Home Loan Down Payments If only buying a home is as simple as signing some papers and paying a sum of money. Unfortunately, the process to buying a home(even after you’ve chosen the place) is a complicated one, with many processes and fees to complete and pay
  Should You Choose a HDB or a Bank Loan to Finance your Property Purchase? Choosing a mortgage loan to suit your needs is sometimes as important as the property you are buying. It’s a huge financial commitment and you’ll probably be stuck with the loan for a few
Interest rates are rising in Singapore, and if you got your mortgage loan 2 or 3 years back, it could be time to refinance your home loan before rates climb further.
  Rising Interest Rates And The Best Home Loans To Choose Now With property prices continuing to head south, are you looking to take opportunity of the correction in prices to buy your new home? While the supply glut in residential property would most likely reach a peak in