Credit Card Brand: UOB

Compare the best UOB credit cards in Singapore

UOB One Credit Card

UOB One Card

Find and compare the best cashback card with the UOB One Credit Card from United Overseas Bank, with 5% cash rebate and exclusive credit card offers and promotions, apply today fo the best cashback UOB One Credit Card

UOB PRVI Miles Card

Compare the UOB PRVI Miles card from UOB, start collecting AirMiles with exclusive travel rewards with this Singapore travel credit card.

UOB Ladys Credit Card

UOB Lady’s Card

Review the UOB Lady’s card and start enjoying the exclusive rewards and benefits today with the UOB Lady’s card, designed specifically for you.

UOB Delight Credit Card

UOB Delight Card

Compare and review the UOB Delight credit card in Singapore, with exclusive grocery rewards and discounts across most stores in Singapore. Enjoy and Apply today with UOB Delight credit cards.