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We say it again and again – your credit card benefits are only any good if you actually use them. If you pay a fee for your card, that’s money lost if you don’t make the most of the free and discount offers you’ve bought.

That’s right – you’ve bought and paid for your credit card benefits, which is why you  might have paid an annual fee for your premium account. The card issuers are hoping that you are one of the thousands that buys a card with benefits, but then never uses them. That is how they hope to make their money – but you can beat them at their own game.

And it’s a simple game to play. Hopefully, you haven’t signed up for a card because you liked the look of it. We always say that you should take a look through our extensive reviews on our website and pick the card that most matches your lifestyle. Then, once it’s in your hands, make a careful note of what – exactly – you’re entitled to, and make sure you use these benefits whenever possible.

For example, if you’re a motorist and applied for a card because of the huge fuel discount it offers, make sure you know precisely which service stations your card is valid at. Every time you fill up at a non-participating gas station, you’re hitting yourself in the pocket. Be wise, and fuel car car early, and at the right place.

The same goes if you’ve signed up for one of Singapore’s excellent dining and entertainment credit cards. We’re blessed with an incredible variety of offers on these lines, but these offers are only any good if you use them. Once again, make sure when you apply that you’re going to actually use the benefits, so that when you eat out, or stay in a hotel, or buy a round of drinks in a bar, you’re actually using your card in the right place.

Sure, this might mean that you’re limiting yourself to a number of places, and you might be missing out on other – equally enticing  – venues. But we’re not the boss of you – some people will go as far as signing up for multiple cards for all their motoring, travel and entertainment needs. As long as you’re confident that you know which card has which benefit, you can juggle them as you please.

And want a way to earn points for free? Try this: A friend wants something in a shop that gives you points. They pay you cash, you buy on your card, use the cash to pay off the balance. Free points. Everybody’s a winner, and no need to thank us.

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Article by Jason Taylor – [email protected]