Singapore’s top Premium Credit Cards compared

Singapore has one of the highest GDP per capita in the world. With so many affluent individuals the banks have created their exclusive cards which give EXTRA benefits. This week will be comparing the top 3 Premier cards in Singapore:


HSBC Visa Infinite

This card is so exclusive you cannot even apply for it. HSBC have created a card which focuses on travel benefits but with a twist. On top of the usual airmiles per dollar spend, the VI card you will give you access to a personal butler, limousine to the airport and private check in services at the JetQuay terminal. You then get access to expedited immigration at major airports, access to VIP lounges, preferential Cathay Pacific air fares AND upgrades and discounts at major hotels.


ANZ Travel Visa Signature Card

This card is one of the latest that ANZ has brought to the market and has a lot of similarities to the HSBC VI card. Once again you receive the airmiles, limousine and VIP access to airport lounges but the difference with this card is there are benefits which are not restricted to Travel. The ANZ card also offer 15% savings on fuel at Caltex, discounts at Golden Village cinemas and a wide variety of restaurants in Singapore offer over 10% discounts on food.


American Express Singapore Airlines Solitaire PPS credit card

This card probably has the longest name out of all the cards available in Singapore but has a list of benefits which are even longer. Similar to the Kris flyer card you automatically earn miles when you spend and these automatically get transferred to your SIA account, however it’s the premium lifestyle privilege’s which sets this card apart from the rest – 50% platinum luxury yacht rental, Access to the best golf courses in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, huge discounts at the most fashionable night life spots in Singapore and also at Sentosa Resort and Spa.


If these do not appeal to you then there are many more you can explore through