OCBC Private Mortgage

OCBC Private Mortgage OCBC Mortgage

  • Headline Rate

    SIBOR + 0.90%
  • Mortgage Type

    New Purchase
  • Lock In Period

    No Lock In
  • Rating

  • Floating Mortgage Rate
  • $100,000 Minimum Loan
  • Year 2 Rate: SIBOR + 0.90%
  • Year 3 Rate: SIBOR + 0.90%

New Purchase Rate Mortgage from OCBC Floating Rate

Lender Details

The OCBC Bank group of businesses comprises a family of companies owned by Singapore’s longest-established local bank.

OCBC Bank is the longest established Singapore bank, formed in 1932 from the merger of three local banks, the oldest of which was founded in 1912. Since the time of the founders, OCBC have always understood the financial needs of their customers and developed financial solutions that meet their needs.

To address increasingly diverse needs across different communities and geographies, OCBC Bank has expanded and acquired businesses beyond the realm of commercial banking. OCBC Bank has been ranked by Bloomberg Markets magazine as the World’s Strongest Bank for two years, 2011 and 2012.

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OCBC Private Mortgage

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