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AXA Car Insurance

  • Choose from a variety of plans, value added packs and add-ons
  • Greater coverage with 24/7 Towing and Transportation, Loss of Personal Effects and Flood Protection
  • Protect your NCD or receive road side assistance with Phone Assistance and Roadside Support
  • Delivery of Repaired Car to your preferred location.

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Car Insurance Review

AXA SmartDrive you can customise your Car Insurance to suit your needs in 3 simple steps:
1.Select the core plan
2. Select the value-added pack(s) which include Claim Protector, Family Protector ,Overseas Protector etc
3. Select the add-on benefit(s) which include Zero Excess, Courtesy Car in Singapore, Phone Assistance & Roadside Support etc

Car Insurance Details

AXA SmartDrive offers multiple flexible selection for your Motor Insurance. You can simply enhance your coverage by choosing the value-added “Pack(s) and Add-on Benefit(s) to match your lifestyle and needs!

Value-added Packs

Enhance your coverage with a variety of value-added packs such as Overseas Protector, Claim Protector and Family Protector.

Add-on Benefits

Protect your NCD with our NCD Protector or receive road side assistance with our Phone Assistance and Roadside Support. These are among our add-on benefits which you can choose from.

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