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Future Bank Transfer

The Future Of Remittance

Compare the best money transfer services in Singapore, start saving on wire transfer with lower currency fees and transfer fees, with better transfer rates with EnjoyCompare Money Transfer.

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Padlock wooden background with EnjoyCompare logo for VPN security

Choosing a VPN for Security

Secure Virtual Private Networks are a must if you’re planning to use your computer of connected devices outside the home. With five main VPN tunnelling protocols: (SSTP, PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, and IIKEv2) it’s important to make the right choice.

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Keep Your Bank Account When Moving Overseas

Making a move overseas is always a stressful experience, packing up all of your belongings, giving up your current accommodation and having to take care of whatever financial responsibilities you might have. However banking shouldn’t be one of them.

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Property Overseas

Buying a Property Overseas

Buying a property while you are overseas can be tricky, you need to understand local property laws and figure out the tax implications. So here’s a list of factors you should consider before making the move.

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Financial Planning when Moving Overseas

Are you preparing for a big move overseas? Moving abroad or starting a new job in a totally different country can be an exciting endeavour, it can also be daunting with preparations. Here are a few tips to keep you calm.

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Best Travel Credit Card 2018

Best Travel Credit Cards 2018

Compare the best three travel credit cards in Singapore and enjoy the perks of being a frequency flyer with exclusive travel rewards, air miles and discounted airline tickets. So be smart and make the most of your spending power, with the best travel cards in 2018.

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Credit Card Miles

How to Fly Business Class with your Credit Card Points

Learn how to use your credit card to maximise your air miles, fly business class and enjoy free flights with the best miles credit cards in Singapore. Learn the tricks of the trade and become a smart traveller with these simple 4 step to air miles madness.

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Telegraphic Transfer

What is Telegraphic Transfer

Telegraphic transfer is a commonly used terms, used to describe a service that transfers funds across international boarders, also know as wire transfer, bank transfer or funds transfer.

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Debt Consolidation Loan

POSB Debt Consolidation Plan

If you are finding it difficult to manage multiple unsecured credit lines, from credit cards to personal loans, then a Debt Consolidation Plan is for you. Enjoy a low interest rate of 4.58% p.a. (EIR 8.22% p.a.)# and a flexible loan tenure of up to 8 years, when you combine your debt into one low monthly repayment.

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Maximise your Internet usage with a VPN

Secure your internet connection and reduce the chances of online fraud with a VPN. Whats more open up the internet and maximise your experience with unrestricted access to content online.

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Best Cash Back Cards 2018

Best Cash Back Credit Cards 2018

Review the best cash back credit cards in Singapore, with exclusive cash back rewards, shopping rebate discounts and promotions, you’ll be earning cash back rewards before you know it!

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5 smart ways to use your credit cards

It’s not just about convenient payment! Credit cards have become somewhat of a mainstream payment method in Singapore. With so many different types of discounts, rewards and rebates to be earned, it’s no longer just about the convenience it brings! More recently with the launch of mobile payment that’s fast gaining popularity in Singapore, credit […]

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VPN Singapore

EnjoyCompare Launches VPN Comparison in Singapore

Compare the best VPN providers in Singapore with the new VPN comparison tool by EnjoyCompare. Enjoy the best VPN services and price plans, compare the best VPN promotions and discounts in Singapore.

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Card Fraud in Singapore

10 Simple Ways to Avoid Credit Card Fraud

In 2018 we live in a connected world, so make sure you check out these simply ways to protect yourself against credit card fraud and don’t give up you hard earned cash to fraudsters.

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KrisFlyer Singapore Airlines

Krisflyer 100,000 Competition

Start 2018 with 100,000 miles, simply make a qualifying transaction and you could be taking off to a great year ahead. So start booking or shopping now!

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MyRepublic Fibre Broadband Exclusive Promotion

Enjoy FREE 5 Month broadband subscription, FREE Terminal Point Installation and S$200 router discount with this Exclusive MyRepublic Promotion with EnjoyCompare

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5 Ways To Easily Build An Emergency Fund

An emergency cash fund shouldn’t be optional and if you thought it will be extremely difficult to build up a sum of extra cash, here’s some useful tips for you. Be smart and start saving today, to protect you and your family during times of hardship.

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Credit Card Travelling

5 Ways To Prep Your Credit Card Before You Take A Holiday

Get your credit card and finances ready for your holidays, with these easy credit card tips that will keep you safe when abroad

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5 Ways To Save On Car Insurance

Compare the best car insurance, with amazing insurance discounts, rewards and car insurance promotions in Singapore

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Standard Chartered SingPost Spree Card

Standard Chartered NEW SingPost Spree Card

Check out the new Standard Chartered SingPost Spree card, with 3 per cent cashback on all foreign currency online transactions and $138 cashback when you apply today.

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Money Management Singapore

3 Money Management Tips For Busy Singaporeans

Managing your money can be a frustrating process, but with a little bit of effort, you can automate the process and get your money working for you.

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