5 Ways To Easily Build An Emergency Fund

An emergency cash fund shouldn’t be optional and if you thought it will be extremely difficult to build up a sum of extra cash, here’s some useful tips for you. Be smart and start saving today, to protect you and your family during times of hardship.
Managing your money can be a frustrating process, but with a little bit of effort, you can automate the process and get your money working for you.
Does working in the Central Business District mean you need to spend more? Yes, the daily amount you spend at work can be about 20-50% less than compared to working in the CBD. This amount can come up to an extra few hundred dollars a month.
We all love to give and receive presents, but it can also be a difficult choice to pick the right presents, buy something of value and trying to watch our budget at the same time isn’t it?
Are you looking for easy ways to cut your spending without feel the pinch? Small cost-cutting can actually accumulate to give you great results.
  Money Saving Tips In Singapore Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are people born between the 1980s and 2000s. Research has shown that millennials have the largest influence on the world’s economy due to their purchasing power and population. Despite constant income, it is sometimes easy to overspend
The short March holiday school break has just started and anxious parents are currently on the look-out for activities and short-holiday getaway ideas to fill their kids’ schedules. If you haven’t an idea on what where to go for a short family holiday, read on for our five recommendations
With an uncertain economic outlook facing Singapore and other countries, more and more companies have embarked on retrenchment and headcount freeze in 2016. For those of us with little financial commitments and still staying with our parents here, there’s little to worry about – you might even welcome the
Car Rental Overseas Hiring a rental car is probably one of the best ways to see a country since you can reach smaller towns and have the flexibility to stop wherever you want. If you are travelling for a longer period, it may even be a more cost-effective way
Are you thinking of ways to cut your spending by going out less often? After all, many people do think that there’s little to do on our little red dot that does not involve consumerism – eating out and going shopping. If a typical weekend for you usually involves
Its your Birthday so its the perfect excuse to indulge yourself, be it in food, pampering or some retail therapy. And there are lots of companies here in Singapore offering their customers some exclusive discounts and free perks during this special day or birthday month.
This year’s Chinese New Year comes early, leaving most of us little time to prepare right after the Christmas festivities. But you’ve got nothing to worry about with our comprehensive guide to getting all your Chinese New Year supplies in our neat list below! Unique Chinese New Year Goodies
How To Spot An Unsuitable Financial Product There is always a point where we need to acquire some financial products, be it for ourselves or for our family members. Often shrouded behind jargon and complex terms and conditions, it is no wonder the Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre Ltd (Fidrec)
Enjoy Gourmet Meals Without Paying The Full Price If you are like most Singaporeans, you might spend your weekend cafe-hopping or browsing online for the latest hype restaurants to take your family out for a good meal. While basic food cost is still very affordable in Singapore, dining out
Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales are finally here and with almost everything on sale, it is definitely important to have a credit card on hand. Black Friday falls on November 25th this year, so rush down to your favourite stores to grab your favourite items and maximise your
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Wholesalers That Will Cut Your Grocery Budget Shopping for groceries can be costly, especially if you’re shopping for a big family. Every week’s expenditure on groceries can rack up to quite a substantial amount at the end of the month. However, visiting wholesalers instead of the supermarkets can bring
Five Foodie Mobile Apps in Singapore With the rapidly expanding variety of cuisines and restaurants available in Singapore, dining out has become a more time-consuming and complicated affair. Smartphone applications make it so much simpler, and can even help you get discounts, place reservations and discover new dining spots you never
Your Guide to The Best Mooncake(And Discounts) This Year Every year between the months of August and September, Singaporeans are sent into a frenzy looking for the latest ‘hype’ in mooncakes to buy and share with their families and friends. Hotels and patisseries are also getting more and more