Latest Budget Gift Ideas – Singapore 2017

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Latest Craft Ideas on A budget
Latest Craft Ideas on a budget

We all love to give and receive presents, but it can also be a difficult choice to pick the right presents, buy something of value and trying to watch our budget at the same time isn’t it?

If you are looking to do something a little different this year, why not consider making your own presents? It may take a little more time, but it is much more sincere, and no one can fault a homemade present. So here’s a list of DIY presents that you can consider!

  • Baked Goodies

Love baking and going into the kitchen? Well, there’s always space for a small goodie bag filled with home-baked goods. Be it for the children in the family or a small gift for everyone in the office, everyone would appreciate some chocolate chip cookies and gingerbread man. Set out to bake 2 days before gifting and get the pretty and handy packages from Daiso to pack them in. You’d be a favourite at everyone’s party!

  • Sugar Scrub

Every year, so many people go to Bodyshop to get those pretty bath packages to send it out as gifts. Instead of spending money on them this year, try making your own body scrub for your favourite girlfriend. The ingredients are easy to find and only requires 10 minutes to make! Here’s a formula to try.

  • Zipper Clutch

When was the last time you touched your sewing machine? If it was years ago, perhaps it’s time to re-visit your sewing skills. Get some cheap fabric with funky prints from People’s Park and get sewing. With a homemade zipper clutch, you can easily customise the size to make it a makeup pouch, a coin purse or even a glamourous clutch for the evening. Find sample instructions here.

  • Moisturising lip balm

We don’t have cold wintery weather here, but those who are going for a holiday in the snowy season sure needs a lip balm. Instead of buying one that costs $20 a stick, make your own and customise your own flavours! The formula is so easy – you only need to get a bottle of Vaseline as a base from the local pharmacy and add your own flavours. Here are a couple to try out.

  • Scented Candles

Another gift that only requires some melting. Instead of spending $30 on a candle from Yankee Candle, you can make your own with some melted wax and add in some essential oil in a pretty glass jar (or those pretty tins where you get from buying tea). Make a big batch so that you can gift it to a couple of people to save yourself time and trouble!

  • Mason Jar Lid Coasters

Jazz up boring coasters by using the lids of mason jars as a base. Trace around the lids on a cork shelf liner, cut them out and stamp on your own designs before sticking them inside the lids!

  • Sweater Wine Totes

Know someone who loves bringing wine to a party? Make him a cool sweater wine tote! Those who bring wine will know that the hot weather here often causes condensation on the wine bottle, so this gift is the perfect solution to slippery wine bottles. Make use of an old sweater and follow the instructions here.

  • Painted Camera Strap

While most of us may be using our mobile phones as our camera of choice these days, we always know at least one or two who takes pride in their photos and brings around their DSLR everywhere they go. Make them a funky painted camera strap to give them an edge to stand out from the crowd of black straps.

Here you go! A list of 8 DIY to keep yourself busy for the coming month and save yourself from the shopping crowd at Orchard Road!

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