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5 Nearby Holiday Ideas For The School Holidays

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School Holiday Ideas

The short March holiday school break has just started and anxious parents are currently on the look-out for activities and short-holiday getaway ideas to fill their kids’ schedules. If you haven’t an idea on what where to go for a short family holiday, read on for our five recommendations that are kids-friendly and fun for adults too!

Glamping at the Canopi

Has it been years since you last visited Bintan? Well, there are some new resorts and amenities available in recent years, and looking at online reviews, seems like it is the next weekend getaway of choice for Singaporeans!

Located just a one-hour ferry ride from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and 5 minutes away from the Bintan jetty, the Canopi is a cool concept which offer “glamourous camping”. Basically, you get to stay in giant tents, albeit luxurious ones which comes air-conditioned. You can even choose one with views of the Crystal Lagoon or Jaccuzi Tent Suites with Lagoon views and an outdoor Jacuzzi!.
And no, it is not an excuse for the adults to just lie around because there’s plenty of activities here to keep the whole family occupied. First up, the crystal lagoon provides hours of swimming and water fun, as well as a floating watersport park. You can also take part in the numerous offerings of water sports available, such as cable ski, stand-up paddle and kayaking.


Other than Bintan, Singaporeans are also familiar with Batam for a cheap weekend getaway, although some may view Batam as a bit “lower class” compared to Bintan. Again, you might have missed out on the luxurious and picturesque Montigo resorts situated just 30 minutes away from our little island!

While adults get to enjoy spa sessions at the idyllic location, you can consider the “Family Fun getaway” package which comes with a half-day “Bake and Shake” kid activities at the Tilo Kids Club. Or how about bringing another family with you, be it family or friends to take advantage of the Family and Friends Getaway package? This includes two-bedroom villa with in-villa BBQ and 15% discount off Montigo Spa, 10% off water sports and 10% off when you dine at the F&B outlets. This will be the perfect option for time-strapped parents who just want to get away to spend some quality time with their kids for a day or two.

Sibu Island, Malaysia

If you prefer somewhere with a bit more of a rustic charm, there are no doubt plenty of options available in this tropical region. Instead of visiting the touristy beaches of Thailand, you might want to check out our nearby neighbour Malaysia instead.

The Sea Gypsy Village Resort & Dive Base on Sibu Island, Malaysia offers untouched sweeping sandy beaches, wooden huts and a relaxed vibe. Other than a quiet beach holiday, Sea Gypsy also boasts one of the best kids clubs in Asia, allowing your child to enjoy some awesome land and sea activities.

What’s great is that children over the age of 4 do not need to be accompanied by an adult at the Kid’s lounge as it is supervised at all times and they can spend the day playing a selection of board games, reading books or watching Disney Channel. There is even a snorkelling course for kids aged 8 and above!

Legoland Malaysia

If your child is a big fan of Lego and love to build up imaginary architecture with these toy blocks, you can’t deny him or her the adventure of spending a night at Legoland Malaysia! Other than the adventure park, the real deal here are the hotel rooms.

Each floor of the hotel is furnished with a different theme –  Adventure, Kingdom and Pirate. In the kids’ room are bunk beds and a separate bed to accommodate up to three kids, while parents have their own room furnished with a king-sized bed.

The place comes with a variety of activities for kids of different ages, ranging from dancing with Lego characters, colouring activity, interactive brick activity to mini-figure trading.

Of course, the adventure continues at the Legoland Water Park, as well as more than 70 hands-on rides, slides, shows and attractions for everyone.

Chiang Mai

Want to venture a little further? Chiang Mai makes a good location for a family holiday since it is less touristy than Bangkok, but still offers great food and a wide variety of activities for the family.

Embark on a cultural retreat while visiting some of the most spectacular Buddhist temples in the region, eat cheap Thai street food at the night bazaar along Chang Klan Road and even take a hot air balloon ride!

Whichever family holiday retreats you choose to bring your family, always remember to use a good travel credit card to help you earn some miles while you spend on air tickets and hotels. Some of these cards even come with free travel insurance for your immediate family and spouse, as well as regional dining benefits and hotel discounts!