Best Cash Back Credit Cards 2018

Which Cash Back Card is the best?

The humble cash back credit card continues to be well-loved by Singaporeans. The JD Power Singapore Credit Card Survey in 2016 found that over half of Singaporeans (52 percent) cited cashback value as the main consideration when choosing their credit card. But with so many options offering different amounts of cashback on various spending categories, which card provides the best value? which is the best cash back card, Let’s find out!

Standard Chartered Unlimited Cash Back

Are you frustrated by the low cash back limits, imposed on your cash back credit card? Or perhaps you find it too taxing to remember the different amounts of cashback you might receive across different categories? Then an unlimited cash back credit card is the card for you!

Unlimited cash back card works by giving you a flat rate cash back, with no limits on the amount of cash back you are eligible to receive. There aren’t many of these cards on the market, and our top pick will be the Standard Chartered Unlimited Cash Back Credit Card.

The one great advantage of having an unlimited cashback card is that there is no minimum spend required to qualify for cashback. No matter how little or how much you spend, you still get the minimum 1.5% cash back per month. This makes it a great card to have for all types of spenders. Current promotions include a 20% cashback on Uber fares with minimum $600 monthly spend, as well as a sign-up bonus of $120 cash back. The annual fee is waived for the first 2 years.

Citi Cash Back for Foodies

If café-hopping and sussing out the latest food scene in Singapore is your hobby, you’ve got to get a credit card that gives you the best discounts when dining out. The Citi Cashback card provides one of the highest cashback rebates for dining in Singapore – 8%. The card gives out its cashback using 4 different categories – dining, groceries, grab rides and petrol. For each of these categories, you get to earn 8% cash back for up to a maximum of $25 rebate per category. This brings your maximum cashback for the total of 4 categories to $100 per month.

The downside? Minimum spending requirements of $888 is slightly on the high side, and the cap of $25 per category is a little low. But the good news is that other than cashback, you get to earn up to 10% rebate on top of your existing card benefits with selected merchants, including Starbucks and Subway. Apply now and get $120 cash back!

UOB One Cashback for big spenders

Perhaps you are one of those who likes to put all kinds of spending on just one single credit card – easier to track and a great way to accumulate all your spending to maximise your cashback, isn’t it? Then the UOB One card is probably one of the best cards suited to your spending style. The UOB One card uses a unique cashback system that rewards spenders with tiered spending and giving the best cashback rates to those who spend more than $2,000 a month.

The cashback works like this:

  • Minimum Spend of $500 – $50 rebate every 3 months
  • Minimum Spend of $1,000 – $100 rebate every 3 months
  • Minimum Spend of $2,000 – $300 rebate every 3 months

The main downside of this card is that it is somewhat tedious to track. The requirements include:

  •  Minimum 5 purchases per month
  • 3 consecutive months of minimal spending

The card works best if you have the UOB One account since you’d qualify to earn a higher interest rate on your bank account by having multiple banking relationships with UOB.

As such, your strategy for this card could be – using the card for everyday transactions like when you are buying grocery items(for the minimum 5 purchases), use it for recurring bills for extra rebates and put all your large purchases on it. At the end of the day, remember that cashback rebates are essentially free money, so why not maximise your spending by putting them on one of these cards?