Credit card security in Singapore

How to protect your credit card details online in Singapore

In a constantly changing digital world we find ourselves being bombarded with options to login, using passwords and security verification checks which get more confusing by the day. So how do we know if we are providing our details to the banks and legitimate organization or to organized credit card thefts!


Anti-virus software

Firstly protect yourself with up-to-date virus software, this will ensure your computer is safe from software designed to track your keystrokes and log the websites you visit. This is a common practice and most programs are downloaded via email recommendation (sometimes via a friends email address, which has been hijacked by the program) or via other software you have downloaded on the internet.

Ensure to constantly look at the programs running on your computer and schedule regular anti-virus check/scans. 



This is a simple but very difficult tactic to spot, it involves tricking the user into think they are on the website of choice, when in-fact they are on a different site (normally with a similar or miss-spelt URL) which takes the user through the normal signup or login procedure. Its at this point that the ‘fake’ site is actually recording your details and to further gain access will bring up an error message. perhaps to gain more details or to direct you to a email or telephone number. All of these tactics are designed to step-by-step gain more information about your account and credit cards.

If at any stage when logging into your private bank or when making an online purchase, questions why the site needs the information/details and did you get asked the questions before? If the process changes or the details they ask are not normal, simply stop and check the URL. Don’t be afraid to start again and enter the URL directly or start another Google search, remember that once your details have been stolen you will spend more time protecting yourself again!


Consider pre-paid credit cards

The best way to protect your identity, details and hard earned money, is to consider owning a pre-paid credit card. This way even if the details are stolen the theft can only take the amount pre-paid and your remaining savings or line of credit is safe from further activity.


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*Remember to always sign your credit card as soon as you activate the card