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Credit Cards as EZ-Link Card – Are You a Convert?

EZ Link Card
EZ Link Card

Credit Cards as EZ-Link Card

Having your credit card double up as an EZ-Link card can have multiple perks besides just reducing the number of cards in your wallet. Credit cards equipped with the EZ-Link function can save you plenty of money and time too. So, how exactly do these credit cards go about this?


These cards come with a feature known as EZ-Reload, which is an EZ-Link service that automatically tops up your EZ-Link balance and charges it to your credit card. With this service, you’ll always have sufficient value on your card as well as save time queuing up to top up your card. Typically, there is a $0.25 convenience fee for every automated top-up. But if you use Visa or MasterCard cards issued by Citibank, DBS or POSB, this fee will be waived.

Earn Rebates

Aside from no convenience fees, you can also earn rebates and points. For instance, the Citibank SMRT card offers a rebate of 2% for EZ-Reload transactions exceeding $30. With a minimum spend at least $600 on the card per month, enjoy up to $280 worth of rides or vouchers. You can also earn rebates from grocery shopping and many others. With up to 7% savings on groceries, 15% on coffee and 5% on toys and books, there’s more to this card than just convenience! The POSB Bank Everyday card also offers a 2% cash rebate when you activate EZ-Reload with it. It is also a handy card for everyday use, with up to 6% cash rebate on your daily essentials.

Besides the Citibank SMRT card and the POSB Bank Everyday card, there is also the DBS Live Fresh card, which is the only other credit card cum EZ-Link card. This card grants you DBS points instead of rebates, which you can enjoy in the form of vouchers or air miles. With no minimum expenditure, no maximum amount of points you can collect and no convenience fees with EZ-Reload, it definitely sounds better than simply settling with an EZ-Link card.

EZ-Link Rewards with Perx

Perx is a mobile loyalty and rewards application by EZ-Link available on the App Store and Google Play Store. These rewards include exclusive merchant deals such as vouchers and discounts, and will also be updated from time to time as EZ-Link works to increase the types and numbers of rewards available to commuters. Simply link your card to your Perx account and earn 25 points for every trip you make on public transport. You can then redeem rewards based on the amount of points you have accumulated, which will be reflected on the Perx points system. However, you will earn double the number of points if you use a credit or debit card which also has an EZ-Link function. All of the above-mentioned credit cards are entitled to 50 points per trip. Perx is also completely free – the application itself is free and there are no fees associated with Perx!