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Now that the Enjoy Compare website not only helps you find your perfect credit card, but also flights and hotel rooms too, we’ve just got to tell you about how all three can come together in superb harmony for the Singapore-based traveller.

Take, for example, Singapore Airlines’ attempts to treat its passengers like royalty. The airline has opened a lounge at Sydney Airport which can only be described as the very lap of luxury. Designed to make passengers feel at home while waiting for a flight, it has personal space, a living room, kitchen and dining room and quiet relaxation rooms. And those kitchens? First class fare for first class travellers, serving traditional Singaporean food. We’ve seen it, and it’s very much a home away from home.

It’s not just at Sydney either – the idea’s proving such a success that it’ll soon be rolled out across airports in Adelaide, Bangkok, Hong Kong, London, New Delhi and Taipei. With Singapore being one of the first airlines to feature the super-luxurious super-jumbo A380 jet, they claim to have one of the finest flight experiences in the world.

We’re not exaggerating about our national carrier either – the UK’s most respected consumer magazine Which? Named Singapore Airlines joint first (with Air New Zealand) as the best airline in the world in a survey of over 4,000 people.

If you’re an AmEx Kris Flyer Ascend credit card holder – and it’s one of the featured deals on the Enjoy Compare website right now – then you’ll have access to these exclusive Kris Flyer lounges. The Kris Flyer card offers – among many other privileges – double points on Singapore Airlines, access to airport lounges, and 5,000 Kris Flyer points on signing up. The benefits soon outweigh the annual fee, and this card is vital for the first class world traveller.

So, with your premium credit card, cheaper luxury hotel booking and great prices on your flights and flight lounge, we’ve integrated the entire business travel experience.


Article by Jason Taylor – [email protected]