|Best Credit Card for your Family Finance

Enjoy Credit Card Perks With Your Family

Best Credit Card for your Family Finance
Family Finance

Who says credit cards are only for your guilty self-indulgence? A great card can bring you savings and give you deals that are good enough to share around. Here, we feature some of these family-friendly activities that you can enjoy with perks provided by some of the credit cards available here in Singapore.

Gourmet Indulgence

Singaporeans are real foodies; from queuing 2 hours for the Michelin-star hawker stall to spending hundreds of dollar on a gourmet meal, we are probably one of the few countries in the world who relishes good food like no other. Having said that, our busy society also means we seldom get to sit down to have a meal every day with all of our family members, especially with the long working hours. Thus, many of us try to organise family dinners over the weekends and never forget to bring our family out for a good meal when celebrating birthdays or family occasions.

This is when credit cards can give you great money savings. From 1-for-1 offers to free dinners with 3 paying adults, such deals are great when you aren’t dining alone. Credit cards here are big on food discounts, and some of our favourite cards for these include the Amex Platinum card, the Standard Chartered MANHATTAN World Mastercard and the ANZ Optimum Credit Card for its dining rebates.

Kids’ Day Out

 Looking for activities for the kiddos to enjoy during the school holidays? There are a number of cool places to take them, especially with credit cards that offer discounts on entries and spending at these venues as well.

Kidzania – an indoor role-playing concept made for kids, Kidzania allows your child to explore the world as an adult. They will be put in a “city-experience” starting from their arrival at the airport to visiting the town and exploring the streets. They even get to earn a salary, pay for purchases and use their own ATM cards, just like adults! Enjoy 10% off ticket prices when paying with a Maybank credit card.

Poporo Park – Poporo Park, located at Marina Square, is an edutainment centre in Singapore which allows children to play and learn through a fun-learning approach. They get to understand different life values, attend cooking and magic trick classes and you can even hold your child’s birthday party there! DBS card members enjoy a 15% discount on admission tickets from now till December 2016.

Snowcity – Looking at organising your child’s birthday party but want to avoid McDonald’s? How about holding it at Snowcity next time and get a 20% discount off birthday party packages! Your child and his/her friends will also get to have fun without sweating in the humid weather of Singapore!

Family Trips

What’s a better way for family to bond other than taking a trip together? Family trips can get expensive, especially when there are so many people travelling together. The great thing is you can consolidate all your spending for big ticket items like air fares and hotel bookings under your credit card to earn rewards, air miles and cash rebates.

What’s more, a number of cards also offer free travel insurance for you and your spouse, as well as discounts when you book your hotels online. Some best credit cards for travel we love include the AMEX Krisflyer card which gives you bonus 3,000 miles when you spend $700 on your card in the first 6 months upon approval, the ANZ Travel Visa card which gives you extra miles when you travel to Australia or New Zealand,  and the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card which lets earn 35,000 miles when you apply for the card.