HSBC Credit Card Overview


HSBC (The Hongkong and Shanghai Bank Corporation) were one of the first banks to open in Singapore and despite the number of high street banks open is still immensely popular. Described as “The worlds local bank” HSBC offer a comprehensive range of financial services including Personal, Commercial, Corporate, Investment and Private banking.


HSBC have the following cards:

HSBC Premier Mastercard, HSBC Visa Infinite, HSBC Visa Platinum, HSBC Advance Visa Platinum, HSBC Revolution, HSBC Secured Visa.


Credit Card advantages:

HSBC’s credit cards have a huge range of advantages depending on what you are looking for, everything from Petrol benefits at Caltex, Movie privileges, Rebates when food shopping and the standard Travel benefits. We at Enjoy Compare feel the current best opportunity is with the Revolution card though as for a truly useful day to day card this has it all. 

If these do not appeal to you then there are many more you can explore through