McDonalds gives you a new way to pay

McDonalds Logo


Now here’s an interesting one from the Straits Time: McDonald’s in Singapore is offering its customers Visa payments via a mobile app. Not only that, the Golden Arches are letting their customers order online for delivery to their front door.

This shows just how deeply into our everyday lives the credit card has reached. We remember a day – not so terribly long ago – that if you tried to pay for your order in McDonald’s with a card you would be met with a blank look before being invited to pay the same way all their other customers do – in cash.

In fact, it was not so terribly long ago that to pay for any purchase less than – say – ten dollars was though the height of rudeness. That was a time when card payments were the exception rather than the rule, and they took substantially longer than cash payments to process.

These days, of course, it’s the other way around, and to see somebody in the line grasping their groceries and a handful of dollar bills is enough to make you look for another till.

Plastic, then, has taken over our lives, and the electronic point of sale has speeded shop transactions immeasurably. Wave and pay technology has made things faster still – you don’t even have to get your card out of your wallet to pay for your goods these days!

Yes, cash has its place, but the credit card is now vital to anybody living in Singapore. For a start, cash doesn’t offer membership benefits, discounts and rebates, while credit cards come with a host of offers that make life just that little bit simpler and cheaper.

McDonald’s cashless app linked to a credit or debit card is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the future of shopping transactions. With cash playing a smaller role in our culture as credit cards and their virtual cousins take over, it’s going to be simpler to shop and pay.

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