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OCBC have just released a new way of logging into your account, now mobile customers with OCBC Bank can view their bank balance on their smartphones with a touch of the finger, using the iPhone fingerprint reader. This includes access to their bank accounts, cards and investment details.

OCBC said its OneTouch service, launched on Tuesday (Mar 10), is the first such biometric service here.

“No other bank in Singapore unlocks a complete online view of a customer’s bank account, card and investment balances via fingerprint verification,” it said in a press release.

The new service will allow faster access to check bank balances of both assets and liabilities. Such checks make up about 60 per cent of all mobile banking transactions, OCBC added.

Using the Apple’s Touch ID technology, the service is only available for iOS 8 devices that incorporate Apple’s fingerprint sensors. This includes mobile devices such as the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

OCBC are not totally alone, DBS Bank had launched a payment app called DBS PlayLah! in October last year, which also makes use of fingerprint recognition to give customers access to their app. But OCBC’s new feature takes the technology to a new level, giving users the ability to check their account balances – which DBS PlayLah! is not able to do.

Users can download the new app int he iTunes store here and more information about how to use the app can be found on the OCBC OneTouch website