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Standard Chartered ATM Update

Standard Chartered ATM
Standard Chartered ATM

Standard Chartered ATM Chip Update

Changes to you Security for your Standard Chartered ATM Card

We are seeing an industry-wide update to enhance banking security here in Singapore and Standard Chartered have decided to start replacing all magnetic stripe ATM cards with ATM cards embedded with an EMV chip by October 2014, this will give customers a much higher level of protection when using your card in Singapore and abroad.

Naturally you will need a new card to help protect you, and the replacement of ATM cards will be carried out progressively by Standard Chartered and will be at no charge to customers.

The replacement ATM chip card will be mailed to customers based on the latest mailing address kept in our records, so make sure you have kept your back aware of any changes to your home/office address. If your mailing address has changed, make sure to update the record as soon as possible via Online Banking, Phone Banking or at any of our branches.


What you need to do next

When you receive your replacement ATM Chip Card, please follow the below process:

1. Firstly activate your new ATM chip card immediately. Once you have done so, your existing ATM card will be automatically deactivated. Please destroy your old card by cutting it in half, to prevent unauthorised usage.

You can activate your card via one of the following ways:

Standard Chartered Card Activation Methods
Standard Chartered Card Activation Methods

2. Your new Standard Chartered ATM card number and PIN will remains the same. If you have previously enabled your ATM card for overseas usage, the function will also remain enabled on your new chip card after you have activated it.


3. Please start using your new chip card immediately upon receipt. All existing magnetic stripe ATM cards will be automatically deactivated by 11 Dec 2014, even if you have not activated your new ATM chip card. If you do not have an ATM chip card, please call our 24-hour Phone Banking team at 1800 747 7000. You should receive a new ATM chip card within 10 working days after we have received your request. Please activate your new ATM chip card upon receipt so that you can use the card immediately.