Top 3 Travel Credit Cards in Singapore

Top 3 Travel Credit Cards

In a market where travel benefits dictate the type of credit card you require, its important to know what unique rewards are available and what is standard across the range. This week we will therefore be focusing on travel credit cards and which 3 credit cards Enjoycompare recommends, based on the best rates and the most desirable benefits.


American Express Krisflyer 

With Singapore Airlines being the national airline for Singapore it is easy to understand why this card is so popular. With benefits including 1 Krisflyer mile for every S$1.60 spent (increasing percentages based on spend) as well privilege savings on dining and shopping you can quickly generate those airmiles to get a free holiday abroad.

Citibank Premier Miles

If you want to keep your credit card with the company who holds your bank account then you may want to look at the Citibank Premier Miles card. Unlike AMEX, Citibank will allow you to use your miles with Krisflyer, Asia Miles, Royal Orchid Points, Sky miles and British Airways. There isn’t the extra incentives based on spend like the AMEX card but because the miles are not transferred every month (Krisflyer transfer the points to your account every month) you will not run the risk of them expiring.

DBS Altitude

So in our opinion if you can qualify for it, the DBS Altitude card is one of the best in Singapore. On a small sliding scale you quickly move from 1.2 miles per $1 to 1.6 miles per $1 and similar to the Citibank card you can convert these to Asia Miles or Krisflyer and they do not expire. On top of this there are also benefits in Hotels, Dining, Golf and Lifestyle.


If these do not appeal to you then there are many more you can explore through EnjoyCompare