Use your credit card to get a flight upgrade

Enjoy Compare is much more than a credit card comparison site these days. We’re here to offer you good advice on credit cards, loans, insurance and travel. And we love it when these worlds collide, because that means getting and even better deal.

That’s why we were intrigued by a piece of advice that appeared on the website of Australian Business Traveller that’s as valid for Singaporean passengers as it is for our Aussie friends.

And the advice is this: “On your next business trip to Singapore and beyond, why not burn through your stash of KrisFlyer miles on an upgrade to first class or the amazing Airbus A380 Suites?”

Of course, it’s advice we’ve got to modify somewhat – “On your next business trip FROM Singapore, use your premium credit card loyalty points to buy an upgrade”.

Travel Credit cards

It’s something that some premium card holders don’t know they can do. While we’ve been enthusiastic about travel credit cards that make life easier for our many business travellers, some still don’t know – or take advantage of – the full range of offers that come with their plastic. That’s a shame, because the whole point (as we’ve said before) of paying for a premium credit card with an annual fee is to make sure that your rewards are worth more than they money you pay each year to have the card in the first place.

Australian Business Traveller says it costs 50,000 Kris Flyer points to upgrade to first class from Singapore to Sydney, and that’s great news for business travellers forced to book economy class because of company ticket restrictions. AmEx’s Kris Flyer Ascend Card (S$256.80 annual fee) gives you 35,000 points just for applying for the card, so you’re most of your way to that free upgrade already.

There are similar flight offers for other cards, which mean that if you spend wisely on your travel plans, you could be on the top deck of that A380 flight with Singapore Airlines while your boss seethes to himself downstairs. On second thoughts, perhaps not such a great move after all.