Apply today and Everyday rewards with POSB
POSB Bank Everyday Credit Card

  • Enjoy up to 15% cash rebates on dining.
  • Enjoy cash rebates that never expire.
  • Enjoy up to 15% cash rebates on Public Transport (Bus/MRT),, Gojek, Ryde and Taxi rides.
  • Enjoy up to 6% cash rebates at SPC, Sheng Siong, Watsons, Starhub, SP Group, Best Electricity, Geneco, iSwitch, Sembcorp Power, Tuas Power, Union Power and OHM.

Apply today and enjoy S$120 cashback and up to 15% cash rebates on your daily essentials.

Everyday rewards with POSB
Annual Fee
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Credit Card Review

POSB Everyday Card

The POSB Everyday credit card is one of Singapore’s favourite cards, five years in a row as voted for by the People’s Choice. The POSB credit card offers a range of Singapore based Dining, Travel and cash rebate offers. With the POSB card you get up to 15% cash rebate on groceries and daily transport, plus up to 6% cash rebate on recurring utility and telco bills as well as other everyday essentials.

With an annual fee of S$192.6 (waived the first year), the average cardholder can quickly recoup the cost while earning additional rewards for daily spend. Consumers earn rebates on dining, groceries, petrol, health and wellness, transport, and even recurring bills. Although some rates apply only to specific merchants, they are mostly big brands that are quite prevalent: up to 20.1% petrol savings with SPC, 15% rebate with, 5% with Gojek, Ryde, & Comfort del Gro, 5% at Sheng Siong, and 3% on wellness products at Watsons (an added benefit, as most everyday cards do not reward for personal care). Consumers also earn 1% cash rebate on recurring bills with select merchants, but earnings are capped at just S$1 per month, which is quite low.

Card Overview

  • Get up to 15% cash rebates on dining.
  • Get 15% cash rebatesfrom and on your bus and MRT rides.
  • Get 5% cash rebateson your rides with Gojek, Ryde and Comfort Taxis.
  • Get up to 20.1% fuel savings  at SPC.
  • Get 5% cash rebates when you shop for your groceries at Sheng Siong.
  • Get 3% cash rebates at the leading personal care store Watsons.
  • Get 1% cash rebates on your electricity bills from Best Electricity.
  • Get 1% cash rebates on your electricity bills from Geneco.
  • Get 1% cash rebates on your monthly electricity bills from Ohm Energy.
  • Get 1% cash rebates on your monthly electricity bills from iSwitch.
  • Get 1% cash rebates on your monthly electricity bills from Sembcorp Power.
  • Get 1% cash rebates on your recurring SP Group utilities bills.
  • Get 1% cash rebates on your electricity bills from Tuas Power.
  • Get 1% cash rebates on your electricity bills from Union Power.
  • Get 1% cash rebates on your recurring StarHub mobile/ digital cable/ broadband bills and your in-store purchases.

Detailed Description

Minimum Monthly Payment – 3% of the statement balance (or S$50, whichever is greater) plus any amount that is overdue and/or exceeds your credit limit.
Cash Advance Fee – 8% of the amount withdrawn per transaction or S$15, whichever is greater.

Other Charges

In addition to the above, you shall also be responsible where applicable for the following charges including but not limited to:

  • Processing fee for returned GIRO or dishonoured cheques, dishonoured cheque: S$20, returned GIRO/direct debit authorisation: S$30;
  • Retrieval service fee (inclusive of GST), sales draft: S$5.35 per copy, monthly statement (beyond the current 3 months): S$5.35 per copy.
  • Overlimit fee: S$40 if the total outstanding balance on your account exceeds the credit limit at any time.
  • Administrative fee for termination of DBS Instalment Payment Plan included an administrative fee of S$150 if the Plan is terminated (whether arising from the termination of your Card Account or otherwise) or if you make a prepayment of any amount under the Plan.

Effective 18 April 2019, all new, replacement and renewal cards issued for POSB Everyday Card will no longer have the CEPAS function for EZ-Link transactions. You may use your new card for public transit. The fares will be charged directly to your credit card upon usage. No top-ups or reloads required; just pay for the ride with your card.

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