Apply today and 10X rewards points with every S$1 spent
Standard Chartered Rewards Plus Credit Card

  • Enjoy up to 5X rewards points for every S$1 spent on dining transactions.
  • Enjoy 1 rewards point for every S$1 spent, on all eligible spend.
  • No minimum monthly or quarterly spend required, just good old rewards points!
  • Enjoy up to 10X rewards points for every S$1 spent in foreign currency on overseas retail, dining and travel transactions.

Get up to S$80 Cashback.

10X rewards points with every S$1 spent
Annual Fee
Fee Waiver
  • Credit Card Review
  • Detailed Description
  • Eligibility

Credit Card Review

Standard Chartered Rewards Plus Card

If you’re looking for the latest reward card to hit the Singapore market, then the Standard Chartered Rewards+ credit card is the latest and greatest. With a standard 1 reward point for every S$1 spent, on all eligible spend, with no minimum spend required and no reward caps, you can be confident that you are being rewarded for every dollar spent (regardless of the spend category I.e. travel).

What’s more, new cardholders enjoy 10x rewards points on every $1 spend overseas, on retail, dining and travel transaction. Along with 5x rewards points for every $1 spent on dining transaction here at home. However the additional reward points you receive on dining and international spends is capped at 20,000 points a year.

Standard Chartered Rewards Card

Contactless Payment

The Standard Chartered Rewards+ Card comes fully loaded with the latest technology, so you can tap and go with contactless payment. That means you can use the Standard Charted PayNow service, Apply Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Visa Checkout, whats more No signature is required for payments under $100.

Card Safe Guarantee

With the Standard Chartered Rewards card, you can enjoy peace of mind with the card safe guarantee. So when you shop online with your Standard Chartered Credit Card, you won’t be liable for any unauthorised online transaction. Just make sure to Inform Standard Chartered of any unauthorised online transactions made on your credit card immediately upon discovery, and within 14 days from the date of your statement of account.

Detailed Description

Standard Chartered Finance Charges:

The Effective Interest Rate (“EIR”) for the Standard Chartered Rewards+ Card is 25.9% per annum (minimum). However, If payment is not made in full by the due date, finance charges will be calculated on a daily basis of 0.071% from the respective transaction dates for all transactions to the date the payment is received.

*From 28 January 2019, the effective interest rate for credit card purchases, personal loan finance charges & prevailing rate for fund transfers (if you are not on any promotional rate) will be 26.90% p.a. If full payment is not received by payment due date, finance charges will apply & are calculated on a daily basis from transaction date to payment due date. For more details, please visit

Standard Chartered Cash Advance:

The cost of taking a cash advance is expensive and alternative financial arrangements might prove a better option. However, your cash advance fee per transaction is 6% on the Cash Advance, subject to a minimum fee of $15 plus Finance Charges at 0.077% per day on the amount withdrawn from the date of the transaction until the date of full payment.

Late Payment Charges:

If for whatever reason you find yourself paying late payment chargers, a late payment charge of S$80 will be charged if the minimum payment due is not received by the due date. The EIR applicable on your credit card and funds transfer account(s) will be adjusted to 28% per annum if the minimum payment due is not received by the due date). If you have only missed one payment, it will be reinstated to the prevailing EIR once minimum payment due is made in full. If however your account has been twice or more past due on a consecutive basis, the EIR will only revert to 25.9% once minimum payment due for the relevant consecutive months where your account was past due is made in full.

Best Standard Chartered Credit Cards

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  • You must be aged 21 to 65 years old

Minimum Annual Income of 

  • Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents: S$30,000
  • Foreigners with Employment Passes: S$60,000

Employment Pass Holders

  • Foreigners must be holders of P1, P2 or Q type Singapore Employment Passes
  • Q Pass holders must have minimum one year validity remaining on their passes

You will need:

  • Copy of NRIC/Passport/Employment Pass (front and back)

For salaried (any of the following):

  • Latest month computerised payslip
  • Latest 6 months CPF Contribution History Statement
  • Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment + latest month computerised payslip/6 months CPF contribution

For self-employed

  • Copy of latest income tax notice of assessment (must be in business for a minimum of 2 years)

For commission earner (any one from below)

  • Latest 3 months payslip + Latest income tax notice of assessment
  • Latest 6 months CPF contribution history statement
  • Latest 3 months payslip
  • Copy of latest income tax notice of assessment ( For 100% commission earner)

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