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Standard Chartered Tigerair Platinum

  • Choose between 2 air tickets up front OR 1 ticket plus S$60 CashBack
  • Tigerair perks including Seat Selection, Priority Boarding and Luggage up grade
  • Enjoy 2 years fee waiver
  • Annual fee will also be waived onwards if S$5,000 is charged to the card per annum

Get 2 air-tickets upfront* plus an exclusive suite of Tigerair perks when you travel

2 Free Tigerair tickets
Annual Fee
Fee Waiver
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Credit Card Review

Enjoy 2 air-tickets upfront* plus an exclusive suite of Tigerair perks when you travel with the new Standard Chartered TigerAir credit card, plus enjoy a complimentary suite of exclusive Tigerair perks when you travel.

  • Advance seat selection – Get comfortable by selecting the seats you want, for free!
  • Priority Boarding – Beat the queue and board the aircraft ahead of other passengers, at no extra cost!
  • Luggage Upgrade – Complimentary luggage upsize gives you even more choices on how you want to fly
  • Hot Fare Deals – Get to know newly released fare promotions before the general public.

Not forgetting, enjoy 2 years fee waiver. Annual fee will be waived if a minimum of $5,000 is charged to the card per annum from the third year onwards. All supplementary credit cards are free for life!

Detailed Description

Important Information

The E-voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of issue and can be used to make a flight reservation for a one-way Tigerair flight, inclusive of taxes and charges, departing from Singapore to any one of the following 11 destinations – Bangkok, Hat Yai, Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, Krabi, Kuala Lumpur, Kochi, Penang, Phuket, Surabaya and Yangon (collectively, “Destinations”). E-vouchers are for a specific flight fare class and are subject to availability. It is recommended that you make your flight reservation with Tigerair at least three (3) calendar months in advance of when you wish to travel and avoid holiday periods / peak seasons. Flight reservations must be made via the Standard Chartered Tigerair credit card booking portal. We reserve the right to add to, remove, or change the Destinations at any time without notice.

Terms and Conditions

* If you select the UR plan, you will receive one e-voucher upfront and you must fulfil the spend requirement of $5,000 charged to your Card on qualifying transactions within 12 continuous calendar months from the Card account opening date or renewal of the plan (as the case may be) (“UR spend requirement”). For a limited time only, receive a second e-voucher if your Card is approved before 31 August 2015. Standard Chartered Tigerair Credit Card Sign-Up E-voucher Promotion Terms and Conditions apply. If you do not fulfil the UR spend requirement or terminate the plan before fulfilling the UR spend requirement, a $100 fee will be charged to your Card whether you have obtained or used the e-voucher. If you have selected a recurring UR plan, it will automatically be renewed in accordance with our terms unless you notify us in advance to terminate the plan. You are also not eligible to earn 360° Rewards Points or Relationship Rewards on your Card under the UR plan.
^ If you select the FR plan, you will earn 360° Rewards Points when you charge to your Card. When you charge a minimum of $8,000 on qualifying transactions, the points earned may be used to redeem an e-voucher. Points earned will expire every three years from the Card account opening date. You are not eligible to earn Relationship Rewards on your Card under the FR plan.
 The CashBack awarded is only applicable to new eligible principal Tigerair Platinum Credit Card (only applicable for cardholders who select the Future Rewards plan) (“Eligible Card”) approved and/or activated (where applicable) under the Tigerair Platinum Credit Card Future Rewards Sign-Up CashBack Promotion available till 31 August 2015 (“Promotion”). For customers with no existing principal credit cards or personal loans with us, S$60 CashBack will be awarded for the first Eligible Card activated and for customers with existing principal credit cards or personal loans with us, S$40 CashBack will be awarded for each Eligible Card activated. You are not eligible to participate in this Promotion if you have already been awarded CashBack for the total amount of S$160 under the Credit Cards S$80 CashBack promotions held from 1 November 2011 onwards (“Previous Promotions”). The maximum amount of CashBack that can be awarded to a cardholder under this Promotion together with the Previous Promotions, the Credit Cards Sign-Up Gift and CashBack Promotion (“Credit Cards Promotion”) and the Preferred Banking CashBack Promotion is capped at S$120. For this purpose, if you previously met the criteria in clauses 2(a) and 2(b)(i) of the Credit Cards Promotion, you are deemed to have received S$60 CashBack under the Credit Cards Promotion. Tigerair Platinum Future Rewards Credit Card Sign-Up CashBack Promotion Terms and Conditions apply.
†† The exclusive Tigerair privileges are subject to Tigerair’s terms and conditions. To enjoy the privileges, you must use the e-vouchers or purchase air tickets directly from Tigerair using the Card by logging on to the Booking Portal at


  • Age: 21 to 65 years old

Minimum Annual Income

  • Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents: S$30,000
  • Foreigners with Employment Passes: S$60,000

Employment Pass Holders

  • Foreigners must be holders of P1, P2 or Q type Singapore Employment Passes
  • Q Pass holders must have minimum one year validity remaining on their passes

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