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Singapore ranks fifth in travel freedom index

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Freedom To Travel

Australia has always sold itself on being the “Lucky Country”, but we’re firm of the opinion, as the golden jubilee celebrations come next year, that we should simply take that title away from them. If anybody’s lucky, it’s Singapore, with half a century of relative stability, economic growth, shielding ourselves from the worst crises that the rest of the world has managed to throw at each other.

But that’s not just in terms of lifestyle, affluence and personal freedom. We’re also lucky that the rest of the world loves to trade with Singapore, and does its best to break down any barriers to that trade.

And that’s why our island nation has come fifth in the world when it comes to travel freedom. Necessity and business has made us a nation of travellers, and that’s represented in the number of luxury hotels in Singapore, as well as Changi being one of the most modern and busiest airports in the world.

This means that we lucky Singapore passport holders are able to travel to an incredible 170 countries around the world without having to apply for a visa first. We’re now ahead of Malaysia, simply because our neighbours are unable to travel to the United States, China, Canada, Australia or India without additional documents.

This shows Singapore to be one of the world’s leading developed countries and gives us the advantage that other nations prefer to trade directly with us without the need to restrict movement. It also gives you every excuse you need to explore the world. The world wants you to visit! (In fact, as I write this, our very own Foreign Minister is visiting Petra in Jordan. I’ve been there, and you should try it too.)

The last place on the travel freedom index, if you’re interested, is… Afghanistan.

This freedom of travel is our one huge advantage. All you need to do is click the “Flights” tab on our website and compare the prices for the journey from here to just about anywhere in the world. We guarantee that you’ll be amazed at what you find. And while you’re there, find yourself an incredible deal on comprehensive travel insurance. And a cheap hotel at your destination, the whole travel package.

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