School Holidays

Travel on the cheap during the school holidays!

Holiday Stress

Traveling During School Holidays

The June holidays are here again; are you thinking of the best way to optimise your travel budget for your family?


Location, location, location

If your objective is to spend some quality time with your family, you do not have to travel far. Travelling during the high season of school holidays means higher air ticket and accomodation costs, so choosing a location nearby could do the trick.

With many budget airlines operating in Singapore and many flights flying to nearby destinations, your choices are never limited! Moreover, with the tropical climate in most of South-east Asia, almost any country nearby makes for a good sunny holiday.

Some family-friendly choices include nearby Langkawi in Malaysia, theme-park centred vacation in Gold Coast or a historical trip to visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Share a Rental

Double the fun of a family trip with your friend and his family, while sharing accomodation costs! What’s better than having good bonding time with a buddy and his family? Share the cost by renting a family villa with a kitchenette so that you can do your own BBQ or prepare simple sandwiches, have the kids play together while having the luxury of a private pool all to yourselves.

Consider a Road Trip

If you have a car, it can be fun to take a short driving trip with the family. The nearest location for a driving trip from Singapore is clearly Malaysia, but there are many areas of Malaysia you can explore. Popular locations include Johor Bahru, Malacca as well as Kuala Lumpur. Do plan for regular stops during your drive as kids have a short attention span and may quickly become bored staying in the car.

Save on travel Insurance

While trying to cut spending on vacation, some may think of cutting out on travel insurance. However, this can be an unavoidable cost, especially if you are travelling with kids and your travel expenditures are multiplied by the number of family members you have. Taking a travel insurance as a family package is usually cheaper compared to paying per person, and can also cover significant costs should there be flight cancellations of accidents during the trip.

How about a Staycation?

Singapore is not boring, if you are resourceful. Many of us find ourselves going to the same few places in Singapore – walking within our neighbourhood, Orchard road or around our work location. Singapore has many hidden gems that you can explore with your kids, and throw in an off-site accomodation if you have some spare cash. How about a weekend in a farmstay in Kranji while making it an educational trip, a chalet-stayover in East Coast Park or a night at Resorts World Sentosa?