Apply today and enjoy an affordable loan rate of 14.138% p.a.

RHB Bank Preferred Credit

  • Interest rate of 3.88% for 3 months
  • No monthly minimum repayment
  • Unlimited Cheques
  • Annual fee waived

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Loan Review

RHB would like you to Live your Life and Fulfill your dreams with a 3.88% p.a. for the first 3 months followed by 11.888% p.a. thereafter. There is flexibility with no monthly minimum repayments and unlimited cheque books. – Review brought to you by EnjoyCompare

Loan Details

Investment opportunities, a rare antique, a new car, a good holiday? RHB Preferred Credit is the unsecured credit line that lets you soak up the best that life has to offer by putting the power of extra cash in your hands whenever you need it.

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Lender Details

Commemorating its 50th anniversary in 2011, RHB Bank was established in Singapore in 1961 as UMBC, and, through a series of rapid expansion and strategic mergers, became known as RHB Bank Berhad Singapore (RHBS) in 1999. For almost half a century in Singapore, we have garnered invaluable financial experience and transferred those insights of service excellence on to our clients, helping both individuals, as well as corporations, fulfil their business opportunities. As a fully-licensed bank, RHB’s activities cover the acceptance of savings and fixed deposits from the public as well as the provision of loans and credit facilities to individuals and corporations. Throughout these years of dedication in Singapore, we have necessarily built-up formidable ties with our customers and established ourselves as one of the Republic’s most trusted financial institutions.RHB Bank Berhad Singapore now has a network of seven (7) branches around the island and fifteen (15) Bureaus de Change at the Singapore Changi International Airport. RHB’s main office in Singapore is located at the bank’s wholly-owned 17-storey RHB Bank Building located at 90 Cecil Street. RHB Bank Berhad (Singapore) businesses are categorized into five (5) key areas, namely Consumer Banking, Business Banking, Corporate Banking, Treasury and Investment Banking.RHB Bank Berhad Singapore is the first full bank to be conferred the prestigious Service Class (S-Class) award by SPRING Singapore as well as the first and only bank in Singapore and Malaysia to be awarded the prestigious “Best Customer Experience Management of the Year Award” in banking service by APCSC Hong Kong.

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