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  • 9.3* ‘excellent’ rating on Trustpilot – over 1700 reviews
  • Enjoy fast, safe and secure transfers 24/7 with Currencies Direct
  • Live exchange rate quotes, so you can be comfortable knowing you’re getting the best rates!
  • Buy currency now and transfer at a later date, plus send money to more than one payee at a time

Online money transfers that put you in control, with the freedom and flexibility to transfer money

Currencies Direct International Money Transfer

With amazing customer reviews and a 9.3* Rating on Trustpilot, Currencies Direct provides a solid and affordable money transfer service. With fast and secure transfers 24/7, Currencies Direct have handle over £4.5 billion worth of currency transactions this year alone.

Pro’s Currencies Direct

  • Fast and secure payment with excellent 9.3* customer review rating on Trustpilot (over 1,700 reviews).
  • With over 60 currencies supported, you can rest assured that Currencies Direct can handle your money transfer with ease
  • With teh Currencies Direct mobile app you an transfer money in 3 easy steps and get rate alerts direct to your phone.

Con’s Currencies Direct

  • With no receiving account in Singapore, you will have to transfer your money to a GBP account, which might incur charges with your current bank.

EnjoyCompare Rating 4 out of 5 Rating Image Based on 1,102 reviews 

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