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VirtualShield VPN Singapore


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VirtualShield VPN Singapore

  • For Personal or Business – VirtualShield offer solutions for both personal and business users
  • Multiple Devices – You can surf the internet across multiple devices, w with just one account
  • Encrypted WiFi – Get protected and secure your Wi-Fi access, blocking hackers and everyone else from accessing any of your data.
  • Easy to Use – Easy software, just, login and connect. No complicated passwords or codes to memorize.

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VirtualShield VPN Singapore

VirtualShield might not offer the widest selection of countries to tunnel your web data too, however, what they focus on is quality over quantity. So if you are looking to secure your internet connection between USA, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, India, UK, Australia, Japan and Singapore then you are covered with VirtualShield VPN.

Pro’s VirtualShield in Singapore

  • It’s completely FREE for 30 days, so you truly have nothing to lose.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth, Up to 3 Devices and No Logs.

Con’s VirtualShield in Singapore

  • Relatively expensive when compared to the competition, as unrestricted streaming access across all global content i.e. Netflix is at an additional cost!
  • Limited country selection, although the 10 countries covered are adequate.

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