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ViewQwest 1Gbps Raptor Gamer

  • WAIVED Admin Charge of $53.50.
  • FREE Modem Rental, worth $267.50.
  • FREE Static IP Address, worth $240.
  • FREE On-Demand Custom Routing.
  • FREE Delivery & Installation, worth $80.
  • BOOST to 2Gbps for +$20/mth.
  • FREE 3 months FreedomDNS worth $32.10.

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Broadband Review

If you’re a hardcore gamer, then you need the tools to give you the advantage when playing online, that’s where ViewQwest steps in! With On-Demand Custom Routing, FREE Static IP and 1Gbps of unlimited speed, you are in safe hands.

Bit-Torrent Broadband

ViewQwest isn’t worried about Bit-Torrent, as Peer-to-Peer file sharing is an amazing way to share large files, backup your data and do a multitude of other high bandwidth intensive things (legally!) So you won’t experience any Bit-Torrent restrictions, as long as you use the technology responsibility.

Absolutely Zero Traffic Throttling

ViewQwest believes customers should always get the full bandwidth you pay for (unlike some providers in Singapore, which restrict broadband speeds), that’s why ViewQwest don’t do any kind of Traffic Shaping – or Traffic “throttling” – Just pure speed!

Latency Based Routing

ViewQwest is one of the few ISPs in Singapore that are using smart routing equipment that constantly tests the latency to over 1000 destinations around the world and then optimises in real-time. What does this mean for you… well, it means you get the best possible latency and faster access to your favourite websites & servers. At all times.

Best ViewQwest Broadband Plans

Still not sure what ViewQwest broadband plan is best, then why not check out the best ViewQwest broadband plans here at EnjoyCompare.

Broadband Details

“ViewQwest is a boutique ISP that is fanatical about customer service”
ViewQwest strives to empower its subscribers with the freedom to access entertainment content and to surf with no limitations.

ViewQwest was established in 2001 as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), across Singapore. With the ViewQwest Freedom DNS, customers are empowered to watch thousands of movies, TV shows and more, from a plethora of online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, PPTV China, etc. Without the restrictions of regional controls and complete protected/secure.

ViewQwest prides itself as the innovative ISP that pioneered the removal of restrictive industry practices like international bandwidth caps and traffic shaping (a common practice during the monopoly days of Starhub, M1 and Singtel).

What’s more, the ViewQwest team are fanatical about customer service, this means no voice machines and no scripted responses, just the human touch. So ViewQwest customers can easily reach out to ViewQwest support through phone, chat or email.

Provider Details

ViewQwest in one of the newest entrants to the Singapore’s telecom scene. With an aim to provide premium internet services, they provide communication services to both business and residential customers.

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