Citibank SMRT Credit Card

Citibank SMRT Credit Card Citibank

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Citi SMRT Card
  • Enjoy 5% savings on groceries.
  • Enjoy 5% savings on fast food, movies and coffee.
  • Enjoy up to 5% savings on your recurring transactions – Telecommunications bills, insurance bills and more.
  • Enjoy 3% savings on online shopping.
  • Redeem your SMRT$ for vouchers at establishments such as Giant, Popular and Shaw Theatres!

Citibank SMRT credit card offers convenient EZ-Reload facility to enjoy Auto Top-up when your EZ-Link value is insufficient – Read More

Citibank SMRT Credit Card

Credit Card Review


Credit Card Review  

Citibank SMRT Credit Card

The CitiBank SMRT card is not new, but is one of the first in the market to link up with EZ-link to enable an auto top-up function. This was a welcomed feature by many, since paying by EZ-link on our public transport is the main payment method and combining it with a credit card means one less card to carry in the wallet. The auto top-up function also saves us time from joining the long queues to add money to our cards’ and what’s more, the Citibank SMRT card actually gives you a 2% rebates on top up in the form of earning SMRT$.

Other than the convenience of EZ Reload, the card is great for everyday usage, with rewards earned on grocery shopping and discounts on your daily coffee.

The card has 2 system of rewards and rebates – Citi Rebate and SMRT$, allowing you to earn more savings while spending for necessities. These reward points can then be used to redeem vouchers.

You earn a 2% SMRT$ on your EZ-link top up, so using a $100 public transportation spend a month, you will earn (2% x $100) x 12 months = 24 SMRT$ worth of rewards. Each SMRT$ equates to a $1 value of voucher, which can be redeemed for movie tickets or $10 vouchers for spending at Watson’s or Giant Supermarket.

The Citibank SMRT Card also provides a great deal of Citi Privileges that is available for all Citibank card members. Card eligibility is easy, with just $30,000 annual income for Singaporeans; and card fees are waived for the first two years!


Detailed Description

With the Citibank SMRT card you can turn your daily spend into savings. The card comes with the convenience of an Ez-link card and the benefits you enjoy as a Citibank cardmember. With great   rebates and card rewards islandwide, plus redeem vouchers and free rides across a range of regular merchants/shops.

With Citi rebates earned on your spending with your Citibank SMRT Visa Platinum Card, you can redeem SMRT for free rides, taxi rides as well as for groceries or dining vouchers at selected restaurants and more!

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  • You must be aged 21 years old and above
  • Earn a minimum annual income of S$30,000
  • For foreigners, minimum annual income to qualify is S$42,000
  • For salaried employee: a copy of your NRIC/passport, latest original computerized payslip or Tax Notice of Assessment or last 12 months CPF statement
  • For self-employed: a copy of your NRIC/passport, last 2 years Income Tax Notice of Assessment and last 3 months’ bank statements

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