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Remit Money

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Win a Voucher worth ₹50,000

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Remit Money

  • Instant Money Transfer – 1 Hour Transfer for USA, UK, Europe, & Canada and Same Day transfer for UAE, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, South Africa and
    Best Exchange Rate with no Hidden Charges.
  • Invite and Earn – When you invite a friend and when they transfer money, you both earn INR 500.
  • Earn Cashpoints – Earn INR 1 (10 points) on every INR 2000 sent.
  • Zero Transfer Fees.
  • 24/7 Customer support.
  • Schedule Transaction – Schedule the transactions for the next year and automate the process completely.

Get 20 Paisa better preferential rate with “NRIFIRST” on your first transaction and stand a chance to win a Yatra flight voucher worth INR 50,000.

Remit Money Singapore

Remit Money is powered by Axis Bank, allowing you to transfer money from Singapore, UK, USA, Canada, Australia and more location securely and safely. Remit Money offer real-time tracking of your funds and offer excellent exchange rates with no hidden fees.

Remit Money Pro’s

  • There is NO transaction limit on RemitMoney. You can send any amount that you want. However, some restrictions apply when the amount entered cannot be debited or credited in a single transaction due to the receiving bank constraints.

Remit Money Con’s

  • You can only send money from USA, Canada, Euroland, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, UAE, Saudi Arabia & South Africa to India.

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