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5 Money Tips To Spend Less & Still Be Social

Social Friendship
Social Friendship

5 Money Tips To Spend Less & Still Be Social

Some people feel that their social life would have to take a step back when they need to save money or watch their spending. It’s easy to see why we think this way; in a cosmopolitan city like Singapore without loads of outdoor activities to do or natural landscape to explore, it’s hard not to assume going out equals spending more money. It’s a little similar to going on a diet – as long as you plan ahead, it is possible to socialise and still watch your wallet/waistline.

  • Search out Happy Hour deals

One of the most expensive ways to spend an evening with friends is to spend the night out drinking and socialising. Alcohol is definitely not cheap here, so it would be handy to do some research before hand to know the bars that offer happy hour deals where you’d be going.

If you aren’t sure, there are some credit cards that offer you some deals for your weekly tipple as well. For instance, the AMEX Platinum Card gives you complimentary drinks to a number of clubs and bars, such as a free craft beer at iNCOGNITO and 1-for-1 drink at Gem Bar.

Almost every credit card in Singapore comes with some sort of wine and dine deal; it’s just that some of these are less publicised so if you need to, go search up the privileges you have with your credit cards and enjoy some discounts or even a free drink!

  • Meet over lunch instead of dinner

Most people like to catch up with their friends for dinner instead of lunch because there’s no lunchtime constraint and the stress of getting back to work on time. However, having dinner also means you probably spend a longer time outside, tempting you to spend more money with the extra drinks, desserts or fingerfood so that you can stay longer in the restaurant. Perhaps a change of timing to meet your friends over a shorter catch up over lunch could be a more pocket-friendly option. You will also most likely get a better deal since restaurants typically serve lunchtime value sets which are cheaper than their dinner menus.

  • Skip an Activity

Groups of friends may plan to have 2 activities back-to-back when planning for social gatherings, usually including a meal and one activity, such as a movie. In order to stay social yet take care of your wallet, choose to attend just one activity. You can perhaps have your meal at home first and then meet your friends for a movie after their dinner. In this way, you get to socialise and don’t necessarily miss out much.

  • Organise a Potluck

Organising a house party or potluck is a great way for friends to bond without putting a hole in your pocket.  Everyone just needs to bring a dish and it’s much cheaper than eating out; what’s more, a home-environment is more relaxing and you do not need to be constraint by the space of a restaurant. It not only provides a more cosy and intimate environment to spend time together with those who matters, but also gives everyone an opportunity to try their hands at cooking!

  • Bond over Exercise

Exercising is a great way to bond with friends or to meet new people. What’s great is that there’re loads of free activities you can do without having to subscribe to an expensive commercial gym. Some suggestions include playing badminton, organising a fun run, having a morning trek at Macritchie reservoir or playing football. Not only is it cheap, it’s also great for the body!