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Live The High Life In Singapore – On The Cheap

Living the dream
Living the dream

Live The High Life In Singapore 

Have you ever thought about how the rich live? Is the world of taitais and rich folks who splurge without battling an eyelid a mystery to you? While we may never get to live a life of luxury, there are ways to pamper yourself once in awhile that doesn’t cost you a bomb. Here are a few ways that allow you to try out some different experiences of the rich, without burning a huge hole in your pocket.

Fine-Dine On A Dime

Well, not exactly a dime, but there are a few ways you can eat at one of those fine-dining restaurants that you keep for special occasions. One of the best-kept secrets of gourmands is Singapore Restaurant Week. Organised by Diningcity.sg and with each edition lasting 2 weeks, selected restaurants offer a special menu during the week for customers to try out the quality cuisine they serve. Lunch courses are at $28++ and dinner courses are at $38++. It’s a great way to try out quality food at affordable prices as the selected restaurants are of high quality. Book early though, as kiasu Singaporeans often pre-book way in advance to save themselves from disappointment!

Cruise The Sea On A Private Yacht

Chartering a private yacht usually costs above a thousand dollars for a few hours. If you are thinking of holding a special party for a small group of people and cruise the high sea in a private yacht, look to deals website for the best promotions. A search on Groupon and deal.com.sg filters out a couple of deals where prices for a 4-hour charter costs as low at $399. That’s more than 50% off the usual price! While it’s not a cheap option at all, dividing the cost up between friends will make it quite an affordable entertainment for such a unique experience.

If you prefer to, taking up a sailing cost with the People’s Association’s Water Venture also allows you to go sailing at a rather cheap price. The 3-day course costs $280 while renting a sail for the day costs just $30 a day for members.

Enjoy A Pampering Spa

What’s more pampering than a spa treat in Singapore? Unfortunately, a massage in a quiet and zen environment in Singapore doesn’t come cheap, leaving most of us spa fanatics little choice but to wait for a break in Thailand or Bali for a well-deserved spa treat. However, here’s a way to enjoy a relaxing massage or foot reflexology without eating too much into your monthly budget – using the right credit cards.

Maybank credit cards offer quite a number of spa and wellness treats are a huge discount compared to retail price. For instance, the luxurious ADEVA spa offers a Couple Spa Indulgence at just $138 nett, which is some 70% off the usual price. Life Spa is also offering 30% off their à la carte spa services until June 2016.

For ladies who love to go for facial or aesthetics treatment, both the UOB Ladies’ card and the DBS Woman’s card offer exclusive deals. Some highlights from UOB includes a special skin laser package with Thomson Aesthetics and a 2-hour spa treatment at Spa Infinity for just $33. 

Ride A Ferrari

While luxurious cars are aplenty in Singapore, you might not have had the chance to ride in one, especially a Ferrari. If it’s your dream to take a ride in one, you can do it without forking out a few hundred thousand to buy one. Simply charter a car with ultimatedrive.com or dreamdrive.com for an experience you will not forget. If you aren’t confident of driving these speed monsters, you can choose to be chauffeured as well.