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4 Smart Ways To Make Use Of Your Credit Card Perks For The Whole Family

Credit Card Family Perks
Family Card Perks

How To Use Your Card Perks For The Whole Family

Are you a rebates warrior when it comes to your credit card? Cashback cards are widely popular among Singaporeans, and a great way to earn rebates is to put all the expenditures of your family on one card! While some people may like to have multiple credit cards in order to take advantage of its individual privileges, consolidating your expenses on one card helps you qualify for more rebates with the higher spend. Other than that, there are a number of perks that  extends to the family members of the cardholder as well. Here’s a list of smart hacks you can use so that everyone in the family can enjoy on a single card.

Dining Discounts

One of the best ways for a family to bond is to eat together. Given that Singaporeans are likely to work late or eat out, organising a weekend meal together can be a great way to spend time together. Be it having brunch at a hipster cafe or having a Chinese dinner together with the folks, credit cards in Singapore never neglect the foodies in their rebates or discounts. Some of these cards, such as those from OUB, offers quite a number of 1-for-1 dining deals, or a free meal for a diner with 3 paying adults. Here’re some of our favourite cards with great dining perks:

Grocery Spend

Every household shops for grocery, and especially if you are buying for the entire family, it can be safe to say that your grocery bills would hit at least $100 a month, more if you cook at home. The grocery-buying landscape is also slowly changing for professionals to buy their groceries online and get them delivered at a time convenient to them. If you prefer to shop the traditional way, look out for cards that give you rebates on grocery spend, such as the HSBC Visa Platinum and CitiBank SMRT credit card. If you are a loyal fan of NTUC Fairprice, then the OCBC Plus! Visa credit card is a must!

Taking care of recurring bills

Other than earning cash rebates when you put your home telco and utility bills on your credit card, using a credit card instead of Giro for such payments also have one advantage – convenience. By putting all your bills on just one card, you have a clear overview of your expenses on these bills every month and you do not have to pay the bills separately. Just remember to pay your monthly credit card bill on time!

Travel Perks

Those who love to collect air miles when they travel will have a windfall when they pay for their entire family’s tickets on the credit card. Not only do you get to earn your air miles fast with that huge amount of spending, some cards also come with free travel insurance, and it’s not just for the card holder! Do you know that certain air miles credit cards, such as the AMEX Ascend card and the UOB PRVI Miles card, gives you free travel coverage for both you and your spouse when you charge your air tickets to the credit card?

Other than that, some cards also give you privilege access to airport lounges around the world and exclusive discounts to hotels worldwide which you can bring your family to stay in.

Now that you know the various hacks that give your entire family privileges with your credit card, the next thing to do is to find the perfect card for you here.