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Choosing the best card for your lifestyle

Compare lifestyle credit cards in Singapore
Compare lifestyle credit cards in Singapore 

Lifestyle Credit Cards

For most people, a credit card is just a credit card – a handy way of moving money about without having to carry cash. However, for others, their card is more than just that, and they’re vital tools reflecting their lifestyles.

If you’re looking to clear debts, make a huge purchase, earn rewards or take advantage of travel offers, there are all sorts of cards suit you. Off course, we recommend never getting into debt on your card but used correctly, a card can be used to spread the cost of purchases if you’re clever with your budget and keep an eye on interest rates.

To clear debts, be on the lookout for credit cards that offer low (or zero) interest rates. Some lenders offer a period that’s interest-free, and you can take advantage of this to make inroads into your debts without wasting your money on chasing interest. Naturally, you don’t get anything for free – most of these cards charge a sizeable fee, and after the introductory offer, the interest rate rockets. While such cards look attractive, you have to be a carpet-bagger (someone who swaps credit cards continuously) to really take advantage.

Most banking providers have a cash back, rewards or purchase card in Singapore, so make sure you check out credit cards offered by your current banking partner, as well as other banks in Singapore, below you can find a link to each credit card provider available in Singapore.

Rarer are 0 per cent purchase credit cards. These are like buy-now-pay-later offers, except with credit card interest. The trick, of course, is to pay off your balance before the high-interest rate kicks in. If you don’t think you can manage this, consider a loan instead.

Travel rewards cards are enjoying a huge boom in Singapore, where travel goes hand-in-hand with doing business. We’ve spoken about them at length before, but for a reasonable fee – which can pay for itself within the first few months – users earn travel miles an gain special airport treatment. These, we believe, are ideal for the business traveller.

If you’re the type to stay on the island, a driver’s reward card will be for you, offering substantial discounts at filling stations across Singapore. With petrol prices high and likely to stay that way, you really should take advantage of these offers.

It’s all very much down to you what card you need, and there’s nothing to stop you from owning multiple cards to cover your shopping, your travel, and your car. There’s a huge choice, so fortune favours those who do their research!

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