Frequent Flyer credit cards in Singapore

Frequent Flyer Credit Card?

Compare frequent flyer credit cards in Singapore
Compare frequent flyer credit cards in Singapore

Do you currently use a frequent flyer credit card, or are you looking to apply for one in the near future? If so, do you have another option when it comes to saving money or being rewarded for your hard earned spending? While they might be for some people, some consumers could save more in other ways (and still enjoy their travelling). Which type are you? Let’s have a look at these types of consumers who might opt for frequent flyer credit cards and whether or not they could have saved more with other options.

The reason for Frequent Flyer Credit Cards:

When consumers choose a frequent flyer card, in most cases they are frequent flyers and they want to save money on the flights they’re taking. So they look for ways to maximise their frequent flyer points. One possible way is with the American Express Krisflyer card or the Citi Premiermiles card, which offers consumers either a tied or flexible point system attached to their frequent flyer programme of choice.

But there’s another option for the consumer who might consider frequent flyer credit cards. These consumers are the normally fairly big spenders who might only take one or two trips per year. They’ll earn enough points to actually use them, and they can save money on their occasional vacations.

What’s more, make sure you check out all travel credit cards offered by your current banking partner, as well as other banks in Singapore, below you can find a link to each credit card provider available in Singapore.

Are you making the right choice?

Frequent flyer credit cards like the Citibank Premiermiles or American Express KrisFlyer gold card can offer great savings if you spend enough using your credit card to earn enough points to cover your flights. But that doesn’t mean frequent flyer cards are always your best bet when it comes to saving money or saving air miles.

For example, if you calculate the actual Singapore dollar value of your frequent flyer points, you might find that you would save more money with a cash back credit card like the Citibank Dividend credit card that offers unto 5% cash back or rebate. Or if you don’t spend enough to redeem points on a flight each year, you have to should take into account the extra annual fee before you can spend your points. Those are lost savings, and you might have been better off getting smaller rewards from a traditional rebate rewards card.

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