Month: June 2015

|Saving for a rainy day|

Daily Saving

Easy Ways to Cut your Daily Spending How much do you spend on a daily basis? Do you spend $6 on a gourmet cappuccino or do you order a Kopi from the local kopitiam? Costs are definitely rising in Singapore, while wages fail to match up. According to a recent survey by Mastercard, Singaporeans are …

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Should I take up a personal loan to fund my small business?

Should I get a personal loan or business loan? Which is the sensible choice and what are the implications when considering a personal loan in Singapore. Personal Loans are an option when considering to fund your new business, but you should seek financial advise when making this decision as it has complication out side of just interest rate.

EnjoyCompare expands into Broadband Comparison

EnjoyCompare Launches Broadband Comparison Singapore comparison website EnjoyCompare has further expanded it services with the inclusion of broadband comparison in Singapore. EnjoyCompare is yielding results for customers and banking providers and has now expanding into broadband comparison to further support users in getting the best broadband deals. EnjoyCompare has been running for over 4 years and …

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