7 Different Types of Home Loans, Which is Right for You?

Have you ever researched the types of home loans available? Let’s just say it becomes a dizzying mess of titles and numbers after a short while. But finding the home loan that is right for you doesn’t have to be a headache. Instead, we’ve made it easy by breaking down the many types into seven easy-to-understand categories. Which one is right for you?

|Refinance Home Loan 2016

Four Issues To Think About Before Refinancing Your Home Loans in 2016

      Refinancing Your Home Loans in 2016 In January this year. The SIBOR and SOR rates hit their highest in seven years. The rates are used commonly to price mortgage rates in Singapore. Spiking rates generally spell trouble for home loan borrowers, as they may find their monthly repayments increasingly higher. Those who …

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Home Loans in Singapore

Home Loan Fine Prints

  Home Loan Fine Prints To Look Out For When it comes to financial products, everyone is concerned about the fine prints involved. This is especially true for mortgage loans, which might be one of the largest liability we’ll take on in our lives. Besides looking out for the ones which offer the lowest interest …

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EnjoyCompare expands into Mortgage Comparison

Singapore comparison website EnjoyCompare has expanded its services by including mortgage comparison in Singapore. As the oldest comparison website in Singapore, EnjoyCompare is yielding results for customers across all financial verticals and Home Loans completed its offering.